Month: January 2020

Responsible lending must be made easier according to the AFM

The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and Freo discovered in a recent study that the way in which the website of credit providers is set up influences the final loan choices. According to the AFM, 1 in 5 households runs the risk of taking out a loan that does not fit their (financial) Read More

What is Rotary Loan: What Kind of Loan

Especially, rotary loans that are recommended to be used by businesses with urgent cash shortages can be referred to as Rotary Loan for short. The Rotary Loan, which is used as the current account abbreviation for the borrower, enables the enterprises to use loans very quickly in emergency situations after the agreements they made with Read More

I need a loan for debts, and I’m in debt for 33 thousand dollars

I don’t know how to pay it back, I have very large debts, I have various letters and reminders, but I can’t deal with it, I’m helpless , a loan for debt would help me so that I could pay it back.   Letters from creditors and reminders Certainly letters from creditors and reminders must Read More